Dick and Betsy DeVos

Dick and Besty DeVos of the American Federation for Children

Dick and Besty DeVos of the American Federation for Children.

Dick DeVos funded the drive behind statewide union-busting legislation in Michigan.
His wife, Betsy DeVos is the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Her brother, Eric Prince, is the secretive founder and CEO of Blackwater, the private military contractor.

Betsy Devos is also the head of the American Federation for Children, which, according to its mission statement was created "to lead the education reform movement in state-level choice advocacy efforts"

According to a report to its members and donors, the group spent one-third of its budget in Wisconsin in the last election cycle. The report, no longer available on the groups' website, was obtained by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel investigative reporter Dan Bice. Here is the link to the pdf on Bice's blog: http://media.jsonline.com/documents/ASC1290_FINAL_3.25.13UPDATED.pdf

The AFC "election impact report" was controversial because the amount of money AFC claimed it spent in Wisconsin -- $2,392,000, was far greater than what it reported to state elections officials.

Betsy DeVos is the founder of the group All Children Matter, which was reincarnated as American Federation for Children--the largest national organization funding vouchers and school privatization. All Children Matter was fined in 2006 for violating state campaign financing law in Wisconsin. The group was sanctioned again in 2008 in Ohio.

The Devos family personally contributed $250,000 to Scott Walker during his recall campaign. They have contributed $337,300 to political campaigns since 2003.

The American Federation for Children spent $1.1 million defending Scott Walker in the recall election. And the group put $325,000 on Rick Gudex, a state legislator who narrowly defeated Democrat Jessica King and vowed not to vote for any budget that did not expand school vouchers.

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